ACE PD Committee Mtg 2009-06-03

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ACE Professional Development Committee Meeting

PDC meeting/conference call is scheduled for 6/3/09 from 1:00-2:00 pm ET

Conference dial-in number: (641) 715-3840
Participant Access Code: 135766#
When prompted, enter the assigned access code, followed by the # key.

Meeting Notes

Participants today: Tobie Blanchard, Randy Nemitz, Linda Sleichter, Beth Raney.
Not participating: Elaine Edwards, Amy Taylor, April Martin, Steve Dodrill


  1. Board Report Feedback; Randy to deliver report during Board meeting? Input from group.
    • Was sent to Kris Boone by Randy.
    • Randy will attend board meeting if he's needed.
  2. Who will be attending Iowa meeting? Is there a need to meet.
    • Randy, Tobie, Beth are attending. Linda is not. We'll meet informally sometime if it works.
    • We've been invited to attend the SIG Leadership Training on Saturday by Larry Jackson, regarding use of eXtension for PD delivery.
  3. Discussion on Beth acting as Chair for 09-10' and Randy taking over SIG Liaison.
  4. On-line PD delivery options and connecting with eXtension until the ACE web 2.0 effort is viable.
    • Randy still has 4 sessions from 2008 conference waiting to be posted when there is somewhere to post them.
    • We're not sure what this committee's role is in PD Delivery
    • Are we to sponsor something, or just support what SIGs are doing?
    • Linda: ALI will be going all distance-deliver next year. Trying to make it a scholarship or discount for ACE members to participate. Nebraska would still be producing the content for the ALI.
  5. New PDC members; some rotating off and some requesting to be relieved of duties. Potential candidates? Are there ALI candidates?
    • Elaine rotates off. Rob and Amy have asked to be replaced.
    • Suggested names are needed. Tobie has someone in mind and will ask.
  6. Charge from the board; what is our mission for the next year?
    • Need more direction of what this committee is to do.
    • Are there specific efforts that we are to work on
    • May have some Seal of Approval submissions this year since SIGs are going to talk about it on Saturday at their meeting.
  7. Why is the Listserv still not active? Thirdeye issues.
    • Still not working... bounced to Randy today.
    • He will also send to Mike the contact at Thirdeye.
    • Thirdeye is to be keeping up the web site now, and the email address on the web site for this committee is
    • Nichole Singleton at Thirdeye sent a note that indicates to remove the www. from the right side of the web site.
    • We'd prefer
    • The ACE web site should be updated.
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