Healthy Toddlers Curriculum

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Primary Authors: Gayle Coleman, Susan Baker, Mildred Horodynski, Garry Auld & Jennifer Park-Mroch

Institution: University of Wisconsin-Extension


Description of Resource: The Healthy Toddlers curriculum was developed through a grant from the USDA, NIFA National Research Initiative to help mothers of toddlers develop healthy eating behaviors. It integrates nutrition and parenting education, using a learner-centered approach.

Resource Location:

Additional Information:

  • Review Status
    • University
  • Primary Audience
    • Young Adults (19-30 years)
    • Middle Adults (31-50 years)
    • Families
    • Women
    • Low-income audiences
  • Date Resource Created/Last Updated
    • 2011
  • Copyright Information
    • Spanish translations of several handouts in the curriculum were developed at the University of Wisconsin-Extension and are part of a curriculum with copyright protection, Raising Healthy Eaters. These handouts may be used as part of Healthy Toddlers education as long as credit to UW-Extension is included on the handouts.
  • Language Available
    • English
    • Spanish
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