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Session Name: Reaching Listeners with a Narrative Podcast
Session Number: 1023
Location: Bellamy
Day and Time: Thursday, 10:45 - 11:00 am
Format: Showcase
Topic: Web-related technologies
Level: Introductory

Session Abstract:

In recent years podcasting has become an integral part of many University Extension programs. This growing media is being tapped for its ease of access, favor with wired and younger audiences, and multimedia versatility. There are many different types of podcasts, however, each with its own strengths. In this showcase we will share our experiences producing the narrative audio program InsectaPod Cast at Michigan State University. InsectaPod Cast mixes field recordings, interview, and theme to create a narrative audio program similar to a news segment on National Public Radio. This method of podcasting challenges the producer's planning and technical skills, subject-matter expertise, and sense of audience accessibility. In return, the narrative nature of the program offers popular media appeal and the opportunity to reach new listeners. Here, we discuss our choice of the narrative podcast format when prompted to create an extension podcast for the Michigan State University Dept. of Entomology. A careful consideration of the audience we hoped to reach played a role in this decision, and data suggest this choice was effective. We believe the narrative style is an often overlooked podcast format that has great potential to extend the voice of Extension and reach new listeners.

Led By: Jacob McCarthy, , Michigan State University
Ms. Anna Fiedler. Michigan State University.

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