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We welcome you to the Professional Development Community of Practice in Evaluation. This is a community of people interested in evaluation of Extension educational programs from throughout the United States. The list of resources below will help you understand what this community is doing, what resources it is making available to Extension faculty and staff, and how you can get involved in this topic.

We also invite you to become a member of our email list by 1) logging in at https://people.extension.org, 2) clicking the Communities tab at the top of the page, 3) searching for PDCoP-Evaluation, and 4) submitting the request to join the community.

In March and April 2011 we conducted a survey of Evaluation CoP membership to determing their interests and needs. Click here for a compilation of results: http://collaborate.extension.org/mediawiki/files/2/26/EXtension_Evaluation_CoP_Interest_Survey.pdf

Program Evaluation Resources

Be sure to check out the Program Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions. You can see the complete set here: http://www.extension.org/program_evaluation/faqs/

Recommended Program Evaluation Resource Links

General Information

Follow Us

  • Contribute to our blog: [1]
  • Join our Facebook group "Evaluation CoP"
  • Follow us on Twitter at @EvalCoP


Monthly Online Webinar Each month the Evaluation CoP and NC 4-H offer a two-hour online training and discussion on an evaluation topic or method. Recordings of past webinars and resource links are archived on this link: http://nc4-heval.wikispaces.com/Evaluation+Webinars

In 2011, we also will be offering several Occasional Webinars for Evaluators. Watch this space for more details.

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