Procedures to Enable Information Technology services for New Employees in the College of Ag Sciences

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When a new employee begins work for Penn State, or maybe a current employee begins working in a new office, it is important to get that employee's computer and netowrking capabilities authorized and configured as quickly as possible - and we hope that some of this information can help you and us to make this happen!

Please note that at all times university policy supercedes college policy. University policy can be found on the web at the General University Reference Utility (GURU) site.


For University Park Employees

To help you prepare to have your new employee's computer setup and working in the most efficient way, ICT Computing has prepared this information sheet for your use. It is divided into several consecutive sections to guide you through the process; First: Identify the new employee's computer; Next: Secure the Access Account; Then: Schedule the Setup, and Finally: Complete the Setup Worksheet.

First: Identify the new employee's computer

If you are buying a new PC for your new employee it is strongly recommended that you do so before the employee's start-date. Because the setup of a user account can take a few hours, it is far more efficient for ICT and for your employee to do the setup process only once per user rather than to set up a temporary computer and change to another computer in a few weeks.

Ordering a new computer

For information about the Enterprise Network system, the options that are available, and ordering/pricing information, please see the following web site:

Bear in mind that delivery of new computers can vary widely, but oftentimes it is safe to assume that a computer can be delivered to your office roughly two weeks from the date that you place your order.

Preparing a computer that you already have for a new user Your new employee will have the best opportunity for a good computing experience if the computer is as current, updated, clean and fresh as possible, not bearing the footprints of the previous users. The best scenario is to make an appointment to send the computer (or just the hard drive) to ICT Computer Support to be completely erased and have brand-new copies of the operating system and software installed. When logistics and timing do not allow for this, it is necessary for your office to perform a number of routine maintenance procedures on the computer before it is customized to your new employee. These procedures are detailed in the How-To document at this site: How To Perform Routine Computer Maintenance

Next: Secure the Access Account

If your new employee already has a Penn State Access Account (is currently employed in another location, or is a Penn State student), please skip to "Then: Schedule the Setup"

A critical step in the process of preparing a computer for a new employee is to have your new employee complete and return an Access Account application. Until an employee has a Penn State Access Account and ICT has the opportunity to configure his/her computer with this account information there is very little work that an employee can do with the computer. Domain access, shared servers and e-mail all depend upon this account. The application form is available in the new employee packet from OHR, and is also available on the web.

When an offer has been extended and accepted, and a start date has been agreed to, it is possible to submit the Access Account Application to the Accounts Office up to one week in advance of the start date. Please note that if the form is submitted in advance of the actual start date it is necessary that the start date called for on the form be entered accurately and that the supervisor sign the form.

Then: Schedule the Setup

When you know an employee's start date you should submit that information to ICT Computer Support by using the online problem submission form located on the web.

In the problem details section of the form, please indicate that a new employee has been hired and their start date. You will then be contacted by a member of our staff to negotiate an appointment to have the new employee's computer configured. This process takes between two and three hours and cannot be started until after the employee has his/her account name and password. Even if the Access Account Application is filed in advance of the start date, the new employee must wait until their official first day in order to receive the account username and password.

Note: It is very likely that your new employee will have limited or no computer access for the first day or two of employment – please plan accordingly. **

Remember Departmental Tasks

It is up to the list managers in your department to add your new employee to the appropriate faculty, staff or departmental electronic mailing lists. Membership in departmental lists will enable your employee to receive college-wide communications through the UPAg and AdminNotices lists.

If it is necessary for your new employee to have access to IBIS/ISIS systems, please be sure to contact John Doe ( to initiate that authorization.

Finally: Complete the Setup Worksheet

When our staff begins to configure the computer, your answers to the questions on the following worksheet will help us to do a thorough job in one visit, enabling your employee to have all of the tools necessary to be productive at the end of the process.

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