SPLN IT Minutes from October-13-2011 Meeting

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PLN IT Meeting Minutes 10/13/2011

Attendees: Sam Boyster (Arkansas), Rhonda Conlon(NC State), Karen Craig(Tuskegee), Jonathan Davis (Auburn), Steve Garner (Kentucky), Dewayne Hunter (Oklahoma State), Paul Johnson (Prairie View), Lalit Rainey (North Carolina A&T), Jim Segers (Texas A&M), Yolanda Surrency (Fort Valley State), Terrance Wolfork (Fort Valley State), David Yates (Tennessee)

1. Roll Call: Meeting began at 11AM EST

2. Report from PLC Representative (Lalit Rainey)

Lalit reported the PLC is scheduled to meet in December in Atlanta, GA.

3. How are the universities integrating eXtension

David reported Dean Cross announced an institutional Team initiative at U of T for the next 12 months.

Jonathan reported Alabama has an “Ask an Expert” widget on all the county websites.

Jim stated all Texas extension county websites are in Wordpress and has an “Ask an Expert” widget. County personnel need to be trained. A meeting is scheduled in November to explore more opportunities.

Steve reported Dr. Henning is interested in incorporating “Ask the Expert” widget at Kentucky.

Rhonda reported North Carolina has a widget is on all count websites and on the state website. HR has integrated eXtension IDs process for new employee orientation. They are also advertising eXtension virtual conference.

Karen reported Tuskegee has representation in COP and are currently working on administrative support. Also, Karen and Terrence promoted eXtension at a conference at Tuskegee.

Dwayne reported Oklahoma has “Ask an Expert” widget on selected county websites. They have a good representation within the COP. Incorporated eXtension for new orientation.

Sam reported Arkansas is experiencing resistance from the communication department. The concern is directing traffic from the main university site opposed to eXtension site.

4. Investigate effective ways to measure metrics

How to measure web presences for eXtension? Request Michael to speak on a future conference call.

5. Discussion on Social Media best practices

Work with Communications Committee. Meeting is scheduled at the end of this month.

Paul is scheduled to submit an electronic copy of PrarieView best practices to Terrence.

6. Additional Items

NETC Update. Terrence and Sam will provide information to Jim to present to the PLC to help promote 1890 presence at upcoming NETC conferences.

Migration of Wiki Sites. People, public, CMS, learn and create webpages will be migrated. The collaborate webpage will remain.

Disaster Recovery solutions for off campus. Texas A&M is supported by PrairieView. Auburn and Tuskegee use external hard drives.

Adjourn 11:26 AM EST (Next meeting: February 9, 2012)

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