Southern PLN-IT Meetings:2012-02-9

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PLN IT Meeting Minutes 2/9/2012

Attendees: Sam Boyster (Arkansas), Mike Bratcher (North Carolina A&T), Rhonda Conlon(NC State), Jonathan Davis (Auburn), Steve Garner (Kentucky), Lalit Rainey (North Carolina A&T), Jim Segers (Texas A&M) Yolanda Surrency (Fort Valley State), Terrance Wolfork (Fort Valley State), David Yates (Tennessee)

1. Roll Call: Meeting began at 11AM EST

2. Dr. Henning submitted a document to the committee members for review before the next conference call. Dr. Henning is scheduled to be on the next conference call to discuss the document.

3. NETC Update eXtension will have a large presence at the conference. No one has submitted to present at a session but are on providing the video streaming for some sessions and are scheduled to provide keynote speaker during the luncheon.

The hotel has been selected, website is updated and running. An increase in sponsorship is needed to reduce registration fee costs. There are a lot of vendor opportunities available. A mobile app is currently being developed for the NETC.

4. Plan of Work Item – Increase Participation Terrence spoke with various administrators with organizations with low/no participation. FAMU indicated they will get a technician to join. Also spoke to Chris Adock at UGA. There were not responses from UF, Clemson, or SC State.

5. Plan of Work Item – How Are We Promoting eXtension Steve reported Kentucky has incorporated eXtension in the new agent orientation.

Fred reported LSU extension director participates a monthly video chat promoting eXtension and how to get involved. Faculty also are represented on the video chat discussing how they are involved.

Jim stated all Texas extension county websites are in Wordpress and has an “Ask an Expert” widget. County personnel need to be trained. A meeting is scheduled in November to explore more opportunities.

Rhonda reported North Carolina has a widget is on all county websites and on the state website. HR has integrated eXtension IDs process for new employee orientation.

Terrence and Karen jointly presented eXtension at an Ag Workers conference held at Tuskegee University.

6. Discussion on Social Media Best Practices Terrence reported the document is being develop and underway.

7. Additional Items Jim reported the SRPLN has uploaded a draft agenda. There are plans to revamp newcomer training and conference evaluation.

Adjourn 11:24 AM EST (Next meeting: April 12, 2012)

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