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From the makers of BettaMeta comes WikiSpeller.

Using MediaWiki as a content management system (CMS) has some advantages and disadvantages. The pros are wonderful: simple syntax, flexible, community review and editing; however, there are some cons. Users have come to expect spell-check in almost every desktop application, why not in MediaWiki?

The Problem

Lots of contributors and copy-editors means more opportunity for little spelling mistakes.

A Solution

Allow users to spell-check their changes inside MediaWiki.


Add buttons on MediaWiki article edit page that allow users to turn on spell-check, fix any problems, then return to edit mode.


Folks can identify the proper spelling when presented with a list.


  1. Mac Safari users must Resume editing before hitting Save page for any spelling changes to take affect.
  2. Google will only check text of approximately 60000 characters or less. That translates to about 1000 lines.
  3. Google could ban your server from using their service.
    • You can roll-your-own with GSpellerServer (which will also remove the character count limitation).


A MediaWiki extension has been created and made available.

WikiSpeller: the copy editors friend.

  • svn checkout



In LocalSettings.php:




MediaWiki 1.6 and newer


To change your default speller server, add the following to LocalSettings.php:

  define('WS_SPELLER_SERVER', '');

Do not include service prefix. eg. https or http, etc.

To disable SSL, which is used by default, add the optional port parameter to the server string:

  define('WS_SPELLER_SERVER', '');

or some odd port:

  define('WS_SPELLER_SERVER', '');


googiespell was the inspiration for this module. Additionally, googiespell is included, unmodified, in the distribution. It is released under the GPL license.


  • 2006.08.18 - 0.2.8 - googiespell 3.95, Safari fixes
  • 2006.08.18 - 0.2.7 - googiespell 3.9, MW 1.7 changes
  • 2006.07.18 - 0.2.6 - fix bug in non-curl proxy server
  • 2006.07.18 - 0.2.5 - googiespell 3.8, new port option to disable ssl
  • 2006.06.19 - 0.2.4 - support for GSpellerServer
  • 2006.06.19 - 0.2.3 - googiespell 3.78, all communications now SSL
  • 2006.05.15 - 0.2.2 - release 2.2, fix bug saving after resuming edit
  • 2006.05.03 - 0.2.1 - fix for MonoBook display issue
  • 2006.05.03 - 0.2.0 - googiespell 3.22, now GPL, fix form submit while spell-checking bug
  • 2006.04.28 - 0.1.3 - support for non-curl PHP installs
  • 2006.03.26 - 0.1.2 - fix to work on preview screen too
  • 2006.03.20 - 0.1.1 - change to single point of entry,
  • 2006.03.08 - 0.1.0

Extensions are only tested with current versions of Firefox and Safari browsers.

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